Scam Report

The victim accidentally downloaded a virus and now their computer is locked or their files encrypted. The only way to regain control is to pay the scammer who promises to send the decryption key. This scam is responsible for incredible amounts of economic damage as it has hit companies, universities and even governments.
Address bc1q5xmrp5rfgsvedg8y9lnd45r7xka56efkuczeerbc1q5xmrp5rf...a56efkuczeerbc1q5...czeer
Comments This address was reported as part of the DoppelPaymer ransomware
Source BitcoinAbuse
Lifetime Earnings $257,875 (2 payments, average $128,937 USD)
Active October 2020
Status Confirmed Scam
Disclaimer: Any scam websites listed on this page have been reported as a scam and are potentially dangerous. Visit at your own risk.