Scam Report

Fake Investment
Many scammers claim to be savvy investors that can get incredibly high returns on your investment, sometimes more than 8500% per week. When it is time to cash out, they will ask you for a transfer fee worth a substantial part of what they claim they will pay out, but the only thing they will send is more excuses and more fees to pay.
Address 3BHLEzD3ftqG7aZYxKout3rALidaqMkb3B3BHLEzD3ftqG...rALidaqMkb3B3BHLE...Mkb3B
Source BitcoinAbuse
Lifetime Earnings $905,015 (250 payments, average $3,620 USD)
Active June 2021 - July 2021
Status Probable Scam
Disclaimer: Any scam websites listed on this page have been reported as a scam and are potentially dangerous. Visit at your own risk.