Scam Report

Ponzi Scheme
Victims are promised exceptionally high returns on their investments and are encouraged to find more investors through referrals and other bonuses. As long as there is a constant stream of new money, older investors will continue to be paid, but as soon as the money runs out the scheme collapses and the scammers disappear.

Listed lifetime earnings value is comprised of the value of all deposits made and does not reflect the total damage incurred by investors.
Address 33ns4GGpz7vVAfoXDpJttwd7XkwtnvtTjw33ns4GGpz7vV...d7XkwtnvtTjw33ns4...vtTjw
Comments Investors reported Amfeix as a Ponzi and have been unable to withdraw their funds
Lifetime Earnings $56,739,433 (13788 payments, average $4,115 USD)
Active April 2019 - January 2021
Status Confirmed Scam
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