Scam Report

Fake Exchange
Fake exchanges and investment websites can look incredibly professional with certifications, recommendations and great design, but if you look closer they are often riddled with mistakes and errors. Sometimes they will offer incredible sign-up bonuses or promise cheap trading and high liquidity. It's often not until the victim tries to withdraw their earnings that they realize they were scammed.
Address 33Y61LjoBB6955c5S8rdC47cmxB6ApeMSz33Y61LjoBB69...7cmxB6ApeMSz33Y61...peMSz
Comments This very successful fake exchange preys primarily on customers.
Lifetime Earnings $1,278,979 (41 payments, average $31,194 USD)
Active April 2022 - June 2022
Status Confirmed Scam
Disclaimer: Any scam websites listed on this page have been reported as a scam and are potentially dangerous. Visit at your own risk.