Scam Report

Fake Giveaway
One of the most popular and effective type of scams in which the scammer promises to return multiple times the amount of cryptocurrency the victims sends to them. Giveaways scammers will pretend to be a famous person or to represent a trusted company in order to gain the victim's trust and are mostly active on Youtube, Telegram and Twitter.
Address 1AL31Bpx67zqVkMwrtQ31DFejqwCc9jDoc1AL31Bpx67zq...FejqwCc9jDoc1AL31...9jDoc
Lifetime Earnings $1,620,431 (35 payments, average $46,298 USD)
Active November 2021
Status Confirmed Scam
Disclaimer: Any scam websites listed on this page have been reported as a scam and are potentially dangerous. Visit at your own risk.