Scam Report

A very popular e-mail scam in which the victim is made to believe the scammer hacked their computer and webcam and made compromising sexual videos of them. Unless the victim makes a payment, the video will be sent to their friends and family. To back up their claim, scammers often include personal information and a password used by the victim, obtained from data leaks available on the dark web.
Address 13hjTSbwVJfsDgL3qaQSu3fs2qmHQCHRXT13hjTSbwVJfs...fs2qmHQCHRXT13hjT...CHRXT
Comments A very successful sextortion scam that has been active for more than 2 years
Source BitcoinAbuse
Lifetime Earnings $127,889 (243 payments, average $526 USD)
Active June 2015 - Current
Status Confirmed Scam
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